November 29, 2005


"J"ust when you thought a lil’ more than a month would go by without any updates whatsoever, here I come a runnin’ to save the day!

I have been really horrible lately when it comes to the site.  Everyone knows this.  Honestly, don’t blame the lack of things going on, because believe me, lots is always going on.  If I could, I’d be writing every single day about all the horseshit happenin’.  I just have a very difficult time starting the writing process, especially if I don’t have the proper inspiration to kick shit off. Mix that in with several super low-feeling days, and then you have the perfect recipe for why I’ve been in a somewhat neglectful mode concerning our humble abode.  However, I am working on that...sort of.

If you don’t believe that depression and creativity go hand in hand, I suggest you stop reading this and go over here and you’ll learn a lil’ thing or two about the whole fucking process.

All right! Enough apologizing—let’s yap!

Kickin’ Creativity Into Full Gear.  Honestly, once I actually start or do one thing pertaining to the site, no matter how major or minor it could be, something cracks open in my brain and the desire to take it all the way starts to pour out.  I dig shit like that.

Last time I scribed I was talking about how I implemented an awesome, free WYSIWYG HTML editor called FCKEditor.  Although that install took me forfreakingever to get off the ground, I realized it was just one silly stupid line of code that I totally forgot to put in a file to make everything a complete chain.

Yesterday was another day to tweak the Movable Type interface.  It does suck for me a lil’ bit, because I’d like to start tweaking the shit y’all see, not what just I see.  I just added a bunch of extremely beneficial plug-ins to help me along my way, and read lots about the way Movable Type works.

Aside from that, well, just lots of lil’ things were taken care of.  My music reviews gateway, The Maya Review™, is no longer a hostage, hahahaha! I’m really happy, because I finally removed the plug-in, Entry.  And after all that fussing around getting FCKeditor to work, I came across a plug-in made by Joon Lee of called alogblog MT Interface.   Not only do I get three different CSS choices to write in, but the plug-in also incorporates FCKeditor as utilized on! After all that previous configuring with my initial install of FCKeditor by itself, I tossed it all and stuck this plug-in instead.  I’m smitten.

I’ll even be kind-and-rewind to let you in on all the plug-ins I use so far to allow Movable Type to present sexy-ass posts for you.  You can check ’em out for yourself and maybe it’ll inspire someone to create their own site.

Plug-ins used are Kevin Shay’s BigPAPI, UpdateAuthoredOn, WeblogsActionMenu, and IfModified, although I’m still perfecting how I could implement it best.  John Gruber’s Markdown and SmartyPants text formatting plug-ins are probably my absolute favorites I use, because as John says, "Because proper typographic punctuation looks sharp."  I totally concur.  Newer additions include Hirotaka Ogawa’s Update-n-Ping, because I always want to keep the audience informed when I revise past posts, Nick O’Neil and Brad Choate’s StyleCatcher, because the Forest Green CSS isn’t going to make itself appear and load, haha!!! And of course, the latest additions from yesterday:  Joon Lee’s BigTemplateWindow, Add Default Template, and the alogblog MT Interface plug-ins.

Another note I wanted to mention about the site is that a certain rock star broke the record for most visits in one day! Huh? What the fuck am I talking about? Hehe, well, when I wrote the review for Life of Agony’s Broken Valley CD, I sent the link to bassist Alan Robert, whom not only dug the review to pieces, but posted the link on the Life of Agony message board.  In one day, I had 108 hits just for the review alone, but of course every day that link still gets viewed.  However, due to a certain rock star recently tying the knot--and for the second time, too--searches for images and news of that wedding made 113 hits in one day, and that was even before I found out! HAHAHA!!! Continue reading to find out who I was talkin’ about!

Two Weddings, and a Funeral.  Oh yeah, this is a big shift from talkin’ about the behind the scenes site shit, that’s for sure.

The Ultimate Denial.  Yeah, I know.  I really didn’t want to believe it. I almost thought it was fake, too, but I have to come clean to admit that yes, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are officially married.

It’s not so bad.  I mean, I’m not the only one who wishes Mr. Kutcher would be their husband, hahaha, right???  C’mon though, he’s got it all:  A fantastic mind, gorgeous face/body, great sense o’ humor, and he’s the most real person you’ll ever see in Hollywood, so yes, I can say he is married, and really not be sad about it at all.

Our other wedding was the most unexpected slap upside the head I have ever endured.  Out of my beloved Core Four, the elder of ’em all--Paul Stanley--has married again! He tied the knot with Erin Sutton, and believe me, I would love to see pictures of that in action, but this ceremony was so low key that even I didn’t know about it, and I tend to know everything going on in the KISS camp.

Thankfully that’s not the only KISS news going around!!!

I know this is way late in posting, but the date for KISS’ new DVD, Rock the NationLive!, has been changed to be in stores starting December 13, 2005, not December 7.  It’s still not that far off, you know.  I’m extremely excited about it, as all the over fellow KISS fans are.

My only gripe, if you will, is this way-too-early review that popped on the KISS website by some schmo over at all music dot com.  It was posted on Monday, November 21, 2005, which was eight days ago.  See what I mean? News like that should give me a kickstart to come here and post something about it, even if it’s in The Hollywood Junkie, who gives a flying fuck! I should be on top of shit, and I’m not. Argh, okay, no need to interrupt this to yell at myself, hehe.

We were discussing this review posted on KISSONLINE that Mr. Greg Prato wrote.
Although I find it to be a lil’ obtrusive in my excitement, I chose to read it anyway, but my only complaint was he had to mention this:
"One complaint though is the annoying constant presence of pre-recorded, scantily clad strippers dancing away on screens behind the band, rather than close-up shots of the group itself (which would have come in handy for the poor buggers stranded all the way up in the nose bleeds)."
Okay, thanks BUDDY, for putting a fucking dent in my impatience for the arrival of this DVD set to my home, hahahahahaha!!! Why couldn’t that fuckface Mike Brandvold just wait until December 13 to start posting reviews.  Shit, I better make sure I write one and that shit gets up there, because if I submit it and it doesn’t get posted, holy crap, that guy is going to wish he never became KISS’ webmaster, hahaha!

I still feel strongly that they’re launching the new KISS website on December 13, 2005.  Mark my words, for this shall be the second coming of KISSONLINE, just like when Psycho-Circus came out, and there was a whole new presence of KISS on the World Wide Web.  I’m almost willing to start taking bets on this, hehe.

Rest in peace, Mr. Miyagi.  Oh yeah, y’all thought that extra KISS news was the "funeral" part, eh? Honestly, I wish it was, but we have to cover that right now.

Just wanted to let y’all know that actor Pat Morita, who is best known as Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid films, has passed away on Friday, November 25, 2005, in a Las Vegas hospital while waiting for a liver transplant.  He was 73.

Of course, last week we also remember two who passed on November 24, 1991:  Freddie Mercury of Queen, and our beloved Eric Carr from KISS.

Everyone will be missed, and never forgotten.

Home on the (War Path) Range.  I’m driving the Ferrari today with these topic or subject changes, that’s for sure.

It’s time to step away from one limelight, and enter another--that would be my own, tee hee! It’s one area I barely delve into, but we will right now.

Holidays Schmolidays.  One "holiday" just made its mark for the 2005 season, and that would be Thanksgiving.  In my entire thirty-one year existence, I was not part of any holiday celebration.

Did it feel weird or odd? Not at all, for it was just another day.  Honestly, the way capitalism is going in this country, I would be amazed if anyone could seriously give thanks without thinking that a family member would have to be working all day, because God forbid if stores don’t open at 4 AM to serve last-minute Christmas shoppers.  It’s just a huge joke lately.  It takes a lot to cut yourself off from this pity called society, and try to live a basic, simple life.

Aside from not having any Thanksgiving feast this year, I’m not surprised to inform y’all that after a lil’ over two months, my father decides to "apologize" to me.  I didn’t accept it, though, primarily because it just didn’t feel genuine.  I know he only did it because my madre was talking about it with him at least two or three times before, and he basically just regurgitated what she said to him to me.  Also, this "apology" took way too long, and was way overdue.  If he really thought about this whole process on his own, it could have been delivered before my fucking birthday, not months later.  I really don’t know what to make of all this, but I do know I totally enjoy not speaking to him, because then I am in control of my own feelings.  Honestly Dad, there’s so much more that has to be done before we all croak.  You don’t just say a few words, and then we all go back to not being a somewhat functional group.  His conscience was probably just feeling guilty, so he wanted to let it ride out like before.  I’m over that shit.

You know, it’s pretty retarded that shit like this even has to happen.  Oh boy, here I go again.  I’m kicking into this reflective mode; here I go thinking about how human beings come and go, and how much rationalization sucks.  Why couldn’t I be a goldfish or someshit? I hate being mentally tortured.  I hate people arguing and fighting, and seriously, most of the time it’s over the most pettiest shit in the world.  Why can’t we all just accept each other and live in peace, especially where family and relatives are fucking concerned.  People choose not to talk to each other, or clear the air, or admit he/she did something wrong…it’s so stupid.

My only question is when will all that crap end already?!?!! WHEN!!!

Okay, well, let’s leave that issue alone.

And now, more about moi! I had a nosebleed yesterday afternoon, and it really came out of nowhere.  It started again during Radio Bam, but it was very little and very brief.  After taking a gander over at WebMD, I’ve come to the conclusion this bleeding was caused by my medication.  It seems serontin is also responsible for controlling blood clotting.  Add in the fact that I’ve been popping aspirin a lot more lately, and you’ve got a whole plethora of why shit happened.

Regardless, I slept so fucking good, hahaha!!! I guess in the end that was my reward.  I really love sleeping, because in the other dimensions, my life really rocks, hehe.  Oh, if you only knew...if you only knew.  Muwahahaha!!!

Have I ever mentioned I only get three days a month of happiness? All the other days are just sad, depressed, bummed, or just down in general.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I were to lose the Effexor XR and switch to Ativan, hahahaha!!! I just love that severe mellow feeling, although that shit knocks me out hardcore.  Oh God, am I turning into a junkie?! What the fuck is wrong with me, and what the hell is going on?!?!?!

October 13, 2005

“The Disintegration Loops”

HelloOoOoOoOoOo PEOPLE!!! How in the hell are you all?!

Welcome back to the site; it’s good to see people are still interested in returning, even if I have been updating only periodically.  We all know why that is, so I am not going to get into it any further.

Anyways, it has been quite some time since I delivered a real big, concrete post, so let’s roll with it now, shall we?

More Site Shite to Contend With.  Ahh yes, nothing like opening a massive post with something boring—more news about the behind-the-scenes happenings here at elevatorium dot org.

I have been trying really hard to figure out either one of two things:  A whole new one-page site re-design, or how to re-work all my cute lil’ extra features I had before into the current design.  It is even more fucking frustrating when I have so-called "friends" who are web design gurus who won’t even go out of their way just a teeny bit to help me out.  People, that’s the thing that kills me most.  Y’all know I try very hard to make the site as entertaining and visually appealing as possible, but sometimes I just can’t go it alone.

I even have a few test pages up to see what things would look like, and even that’s not cuttin’ it.  I have a specific vision in mind, and as usual, I am once again left in the cold.  Thanks for nothing, fuckers. (Bitter much?)

All I ask from you, my lovely audience, is to please bear with me and be patient.  I’m sure eventually I will develop something awesome.

However, just because there’s a black cloud hangin’ over my head at this time doesn’t mean there is no silver lining in sight.  I do have something very awesome implemented now; actually, I used it in the last post, too.  It really makes writing for the site so much fucking easier than ever before, and I’m very happy I came across the tutorial in the first place.

All my entries will now be written using an awesome, freeware WYSIWYG HTML editor called FCKeditor, and I have integrated it in the site’s Movable type installation.  Good Lord, this thing works out so farking well! All I do is type normally as I always do, and when it comes time to do text styles, adding images, and all that other good, delicious stuff, I just do it with a few clicks! No need to edit source or anything. It’s rather pretty, and as a matter of fact, you can click here to see it in action as I was writing this very post!

Its only drawback, or con, is the editor is not yet compatible with Apple® Safari, so I’m writing in Camino right now.  Nothing new, but hopefully that issue shall be resolved soon.

Lil’ Bam!Aside from the technical news, I do have one site announcement to make.  My scheduled interview with professional skateboarder Bam Margera has been cancelled.  Don’t ask why, it just has.  I can assure you, though, there’s absolutely no hard feelings whatsoever; maybe we can try again in the future.

And that, peoples, is all the news concerning the site, technical, behind-the-scenes, and post-wise.

Personally, I Semi-Give a Damn.  Shifting gears, we move into a subject barely spoken of ’round these parts, hehe:  ME! Yeah, yeah, whatever, I know why this is.  Do you? Well, even if you have a slight idea of what it could be, I’ll let you in, anyways.

Most Virgos Must Die!I’m bummed, depressed, sad, and pissed off.  I’ve been shafted hardcore, and to make amends, I literally have to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and beg some higher power(s) to come to Earth and eradicate the source of my sadness.  I need to know why this happened, and if I was partly responsible.  I attempted some pre-damage control because I caught someone doing a horrible act to someone I care extremely deeply for, and in the end, it snowballed in my face.  Fucking Virgos, why do they all have to be a bunch of motherfuckers?! All my Virgo friends, however, are excluded from that mOfo comment.  All of the other Virgos—yeah, you know who you fucking are—seriously, get off your high horse, bahaha!!! Pun intended! And what’s amazing is the type of clout this whore-ish Virgo has, and how believable this person makes things out to be.

I need some sort of fucking miracle to get Karma on my side again.  Come on, I’ve done my time, what the fuck do I need this treatment for?! Okay, maybe I went a lil’ too nuts and overreacted a lil’ bit, but shit, after what has happened, and all the proof I collected, I still seem to be the bad one.  What other lies has this faggot fuck collected or fabricated now, and what’s worse, is why won’t the person I care deeply for not even discuss this with me, and won’t even say whom he/she feels is in the right and wrong? Argh!!!

All right, well—constantly thinking about the damage done is not helping any.  My meds calm me down very effectively, yes, but my anger is so clear and strong, I vow to bring a very disturbing life to the fuckface who has severely put a dent in mine.  How can human beings be like this?!?! I have no clue.  How can this person even have the guts to show him/herself face-to-face with the one I care about deeply completely knowing he/she fabricated a shitload of lies (and who knows what else?!) just to cut me out of the picture.  No truth or reality there, just one big fake; the facade of all universe’s facades.

As a Libra, it is my number one priority in life to bring forth all truth, regardless of how hurtful it could come across or become.  We all know the world is one big-ass ugly place, full of negativity.  It takes a lot of hard-ass work to make it remotely pleasant.

If ignorance is bliss, then shit, what’s going on in this situation must be an utopia.

Cryptic? Yes, but it has to be.  Hopefully, there will be a road to recovery, and when it begins, or arrives, or however it makes its presence known, I’ll be the first one in line with a shovel in hand, and a yellow hard hat, ready to work.

I’m a Libra, and this is what I do:  I right the wrongs.

Aside from that horseshit, I do have one more aspect to talk about, and this won’t be pretty, either.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently celebrated my 31st birthday.  I didn’t do anything to be honest, and I actually prefer it that way.  Last year was way better, but whatever.  It was a week prior to my day that my oh-so-lovely parents had another dandy-ass argument, once again over something stupid and lame.  As always, the man known as my father conveniently drags my brother and I into everything, making it look like it’s our fault for existing or what have you, but it’s gotten to a point where he was actually saying he really didn’t give a fuck about his own children, and then I just had it.  It was my last straw.  I’m tired of not being the perfect daughter, no matter what I do or have done, it’s never good enough.  I’m tired of not being interesting enough, and hey, guess what, people? He, too, is a fucking Virgo.  I am so sick of the way he treats my mother, nor does he not give a flying fuck about anything or anyone unless it benefits himself, and that attitude just makes me want to vomit.  I don’t need any more negativity in my life.  I have years of that built up from his shit, but to be told you’re not even worthy of being cared about by a parent, shit, that’s as low as it goes.  Fortunately, I don’t allow that to seep into my own thinking, whereas I might spread it onto others, so as of Tuesday, September 12, 2005, I have officially cut off all contact from him.  As I see it, there’s really no point in "teaching an old dog new tricks."  He has countlessly expressed numerous times he is not interested in changing his ways or being a part of this family in any good-natured senses, and I’m going to have to accept that and move forward.

What’s truly the big winner is he actually had the audacity to come to me on my birthday, and offer a monetary gift.  I denied it completely, and that was a first for me.  Why offer anything if you feel obligated to? No need to do that anymore, thanks.  I’m over you and your shitty ways.  If you really gave a fuck, you would really work on your attitude and your view about what the fuck a family should be, but since you choose to continue to be Mr. Silent, then hey, I already know you really don’t care.

I can’t wait to see what the holidays are going to be like this year.

We’ve got two big rump roasts out on the table now, and out of the way—much has been purged from my fragile soul.  It’s a big step, you know, for me to vent like I just did, but now it is much easier to read and process.  Having written it out for the first time means I never have to wallow in thought alone, and that feels safe.

I just thought, however, of something else that makes my "dad" a true winner.  I love how I landed some pretty promising interview for a seemingly interesting job in a publishing company last month, and once my dad learns of this, he instantly becomes a complete ass-kisser, offering to even drive me to my first of two interviews.  Anything to get me out of his presence, heh.  I gave in to that, and unfortunately, even through two interviews, I did not get the position.  You know what happened? My dad goes from complete ass-kisser back to his usual bitchy, pissed-off self, and even threw it into my face during the argument with my mother on September 12, citing that I "cannot even get a job."  Wow, such encouraging words from the paternal one! Why didn’t you say that while you were offering to take me for the first interview?!

I just needed to expunge that bad boy out as well, to cleanse the system, so to speak.

I concur that much has been said lately about the inner workings of yours truly on good ol’ elevatorium dot org.  I have not shied away from discussing my personal happenings—from the beginning days of the site where I broke all the rules by talking about my relatives, I have even taken it further by discussing more about my own parents, because that’s how it is.  You write about what you know and what you go through, not about fake shit or stuff you have no clue over, and if that offends some, you can do either one of two things—don’t read it or kiss my ass.  It’s your choice, although I prefer you read every thing I write, hehe.

Okay, enough pissy and sad shit, fuck that crap.  Let’s move into happier things.

Mi espacio es su espacio.  i’d just like to briefly discuss my very-sexy profile over on My Space.

Yeah, that sounds egotistical, and probably really stupid, too, but I am rather fond on how I integrated the elevatorium colors in my profile, plus I re-did the whole "About Me" part.  And hey, I have a whole 94 friends now, w00t!

Also, as an attempt to bring over more readers, I happily let those friends know when I update this place, and not only that, but I am planning on adding a lil’ some’in’ some’in’ to make it extra special.

I used to have a referral .gif around here, but right now it’s not up.  Rest assured I will find a lil’ spot for it to return.  Until then, you can click here to visit my profile.

MeTaL!!!%@$!!! You know what? Today’s date marks something pretty c0olio for me.  It was fifteen (15) years ago today that I became interested in ex-Headbangers Ball host, Riki Rachtman, hehe.  After a few letters sent to him via MTV, he even sent me some autographed photos.  It was really cool, and I stil have them, too!  Thanks, Riki, for making metal awesome!  If it weren’t for him and WSOU, I don’t know where my metaliciousness would’ve come from!!!

Do you see how that cool segue is going? I went from site chatter, to loads of personal shite, to tapping slightly into some entertainment, so now we can really shift gears into all that good juicy crap I’m known for.

Are We Being Punk’d Yet Again?! One event that will remain firmly planted in my mind—regardless of its validity—will be the day after my birthday:  September 24.  Why? Well, because this is supposedly the day that actress Demi Moore and one of my "core four," Ashton Kutcher, married in a low-key, private ceremony, in Los Angeles, California.

It just seems bizarre to me that Demi and Ashton would marry right now.  Once we had rumors flying about that Demi was pregnant with Ashton’s child, and that turned out to be false.  Ashton himself has said many times that the two are not married or going to get married.  Supposedly an eMail was found stating that the wedding had to look and appear as real possible, because it was for a future Punk’d episode.  And why when the two were practically mobbed by paparazzi in Barcelona, Spain, this past week, were being scrutinized for two things:  Having so much luggage on ’em, and Demi not wearing a wedding band at one of her promotional functions for this new champagne.  Their wedding event was barely discussed, and Ashton supposedly released one photo to OK! Magazine for the press, and supposedly released some sort of statement, yet both he and Demi’s representatives are saying shit about it to the media?!

Also, on a past episode of Punk’d, Ashton even told the audience to "never believe what you read in tabloid magazines."  Okay, if that’s the case, then I really don’t believe they married.  I want some concrete evidence they did.  I’m almost so sure we’re going to see this "wedding" on the upcoming season of Punk’d, which, by the way, starts on Sunday, October 30, 2005, yay!!!

As an interjection, I just want to give everyone a heads-up on the upcoming Sunday Stew season, which all starts, once again, when? Sunday, October 30!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

As far as I know, Punk’d is returning in the 10 PM slot, and Viva La Bam is no more, as Jackass/CkY/VLB alumni Ryan Dunn is having his own show called Homewrecker! Hahahaha, this is going to be insane! I believe it’s going to be somewhat a revenge program, as Ryan comes over and helps plot evil doings with others by totally destroying their roommates’ stuff, hehehe.  It sounds pretty similar to Ashton’s second MTV show, You’ve Got a Friend, doesn’t it? If it’s remotely like that, we should be in for some fine entertainment, indeed.

I don’t know if Pimp My Ride or Damage Control are returning to the ’Stew line-up, but please MTV, do NOT BRING BACK THE GODDAMN RETARDED AND STUPID ANDY MILONAKIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy Kimmel smoking to get Andy his own show on MTV?! What a waste of time, money and energy.

Surprisingly, there have been some decent shows on MTV lately.  I really dig Laguna Beach, and The Real World Austin has been good, too.  That ’70s House rocked; hopefully they’ll bring a new season of it sometime.  Unfortunately, My Super Sweet 16 is getting old and repetitive.  I don’t understand the fascination MTV has with filming and documenting the rich.  My Sweet 16 party was way better than any of the ones they ever showed, and we didn’t have to spend a bizillion dollars, either.

Other good television worth watching includes CBSCriminal Minds, Close to Home, How I Met Your Mother, and Out of Practice. NBC has not ranked high with me at all this season, for only the final season of Will & Grace is what I’m watching, with a desire to see ER here and there, although I have yet to tune in for one, haha! I can’t forget how much I dig their new series, My Name Is Earl, starring Jason Lee.  It’s really a very gentle program, yet it retains some awesome comedic moments! FOX has yet to deliver the new season of That ’70s Show—that comes in early November—but I really like their new series, Bones, starring BtVS/ATS alumni David Boreanaz.  On their cable station, FX, nip/tuck is back with a vengeance and a half, as season three really kicks a ton of ass.  I am also really enjoying the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe! It’s amazing to see what kind of careers are out there to make our lives more convenient.  Of course, the political King of ’em all—Real Time with Bill Maher—is still a heavy staple with me.  And then we jump into the world of "Celebreality" on VH1 with Breaking Bonaduce, which is a MUST-SEE for everyone, and My Fair Brady, only because my brother watches it, so since we do Sunday night television together, I watch it, too, hehe.  Chris Knight really is such a stiff, uptight guy, haha, I don’t know what Adrianne sees in him.

Yes, that’s a lot of television to watch, but hey, how else am I supposed to bring you good recommendations, eh?! It’s all good either way. I like it and that’s all that matters.

I have one more thing to discuss, well, I could make it two things, but do you really want to read about Apple’s Special Event from yesterday? They released a new Video iPod, new iTunes at version 6.0, updated iMac models with a built-in iSight, and some other fun goods, but if you really want to see it all, go to Apple’s website and check it all out in its glory.

Okay, so the last, but definitely not least, issue to discuss is KISS! Last time I wrote for the site I briefly mentioned something KISS was releasing for the future, well, how ’bout we talk about it?!

Aside from this upcoming product, their webmaster is currently in the midst of building a whole new website, which promises to kick ass.  It really better, because what they’ve offered in the past has been great and all, but nothing truly impressive.  I have a feeling the new site’s unveiling is going to coincide with the release of this awesome new product that will be out just in time for Christmas:  a new two-DVD set entitled, KISS:  Rock the Nation Live!

Rumors were going BONKERS when fans worldwide first smelled the news of this future product, primarily because it went from being a two, then three, and finally a FOUR-DVD set! Hahahaha, holy crap, a four-dvd set from KISS! How awesome would that be?!?! At one point, even their record label, Sanctuary, even had it posted as a four-dvd set in their "Coming Soon" list, but it’s now official—Rock the Nation Live! will be a two-dvd set.

KISS’ website, KISSONLINE, had this to say about the release, due December 6, 2005:

Shot in High Def, the DVD will feature the hottest songs from the Washington, DC and Virginia Beach, VA concerts, filmed during last year’s 2004 Rock The Nation tour. The song list is vast and features a collection of KISS gems, many performed and recorded live for the first time in many years. The DVD will also include KISS Powervision interactive bonus features that include Select-A-KISS, allowing the viewer access to separate channels for each of the four band members. At any time the viewer can watch the main concert program or switch to different cameras focusing just on Paul, Gene, Tommy or Eric. The DVD will be loaded with additional behind-the-scenes, life on the road footage and interviews, giving the viewer a virtual all access pass to sound checks, the famed KISS dressing room and other rare glimpses into the world of KISS.

Mmm, yum—shot in high definition, sexy!!! Well, you know what’s on my Christmas list, that’s for sure, hahahahaha!!! Among the previous rumors when this was going to be a four-dvd set included the release of some very, and I do mean very, oldschool concerts that amazingly are still well-preserved and documented on video.  How old is oldschool? Word on the street was these concerts were from around 1972-1974! One word:  WOW ! ! !

Honestly, I would not be surprised if sometime next year we start seeing those oldschool shows emerge as KISS collectible DVDs, with its quality putting the current bootleg versions to shame.  Eat your hearts out now, KISSVISION!!! Bahahahaha!!!

All right peoples, I believe this is it! I’ve once again proved faithful and loyal to my peoples by bringing you a post of nothing but pure grandeur! I truly am very pleased and satisfied to make such an accomplishment, hopefully I can stick to that schedule and and attempt deliver more timely updates.

You know, it’s tough being me.  It’s like working overtime at an underpaid job where no one appreciates you, but yourself.  Thank you for bearing with my unstable mentality.  Writing is the one thing I
know I do right, and do extremely well.

P.S. I know the Galleria is still offline, I’m going to get back to that as soon as possible.

September 28, 2005


I surely know it has been a damn long while since I have written, and God knows I have boatloads to write about, but for a few weeks lately I have been mentally shapeshifting.  One day I’ll be okay, another I’ll be really low, and then there was that period of two weeks or so that I was totally spaced out.  I remember acknowledging that when I went food shopping with my madré, and as we’re walking through the aisles and she’s talking to me, I just really don’t remember much about it at all.  All I was doing was staring at the shelves, and saying, "Huh?" or "What?" every five seconds, haha! Aww yeah, good times to be had.
Demi Moore, Ashton KutcherI knew I really had to make an appearance here, though, especially since it’s been almost a month to the day I haven’t written shit for the site.  You now know why, obviously, hehe, or at least a part of it.  I guess I really need to step up some, eh? I’m trying.

Anyways, loads of insane news has been floating around, such as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher getting married—although I really don’t belive it at all, some awesome KISS happenings to discuss for the near future, and hey! My birthday was this past Friday, so now I’m a boistrous thirty-one (31) years old.  I don’t feel it, nor look it, and I really love that to a point, but I seem to be getting some sort of a gut, haha, so we’re going to have to take care of that!
Bam Margera
Speaking of birthdays, today is Bam Margera’s birthday, and he turns a very sexy twenty-six (26) years old! Yay!!!  Happy Birthday, Bam!  He’s also going to be our first "celebrity," if you will, to have an interview for elevatorium! We did a semi-interview back in late August, and well, I haven’t been altogether mentally to put it together, hehe, so it’s still in the draft stages.  We really should get more down before I decide to post it.

I promise I’ll be back real soon to give you all the latest juice, just once again, bear with my mind.  It’s not very healthy, you know.

August 29, 2005

Galleria to be Rebuilt

Just a heads-up to those who utilize the Galleria: I have to completely rebuild it. All accounts, comments and view counts are gone, and the only images that I have are my own. Also note I will be removing certain areas as well, such as the user galleries and the amplexus™ group® gallery.

In other words, the Galleria will belong to me only!!! Muwhahahahaha!!! Hehe, just kiddin’, didn’t mean to make it sound rude.

I’ll post a note when everything has been restored…for the eonth time, haha!

August 26, 2005


Do y’all like the new visual???

It’s called “Forest Green;” quite fitting as it is another step towards a permanent visual.

I’m going to start customizing the site, as in bring back all the lil’ extras over the course of the weekend, so, enjoy!